Distribution Format

unixODBC is currently availible in a gzip, tar format. This means that you should;

1. copy the unixODBC-2.3.12.tar.gz file somewhere you can create files and directories
2. gunzip unixODBC*.tar.gz
3. tar xvf unixODBC*.tar

Doing so will create a unixODBC directory with all source files inside.

Via HTTP: unixODBC-2.3.12.tar.gz

MD5 (d62167d85bcb459c200c0e4b5a63ee48): unixODBC-2.3.12.tar.gz.md5

Source Access

Public git access is also availible for those that want the very latest sources (bleeding edge).

So you may want to use these commands, When prompted for a password for anonymous, simply press the Enter key

git clone unixodbc

Developers of unixODBC work from this git so the state of the sources in there will vary.

To build from the tree downloaded, run the following command (in the root of the downloaded tree)

autoreconf -fi

This will build the configure script.

To build from git, you need some current tools, these are what we recommend:

  • automake
  • autoconf
  • libtool
These can be found from the GNU web site or its many mirrors.

Make the Libraries and Programs

The install uses the standard GNU autoconf process. So its simply a matter of running

make install

By default the files are installed into /usr/local. As is usual with configure, this location can be changed by altering the prefix option to configure. i.e.

./configure --prefix=/usr/local/unixODBC

This will install the lib, bin, include and etc directories in /usr/local/unixODBC/lib etc.

To conform with the GNU guidelines the odbcinst file is now installed by default in {prefix}/etc, this can be altered using the --sysconfdir option to configure. To install the files in the old default /etc you would run configure like this

./configure --sysconfdir=/etc


There is also a copy of the source in github. I confess, to not being a fan of git, but if folk would prefer it to be the place it all happens, please let me know, but for the moment I will try and keep the two working in parallel.


Andre Felipe Machado has also made up some RPM's for use with the version 7.0 and 8.0 version of Connectiva Linux. These can be found here

I have also built a QNX install which is here

FreeBSD Ports's

Nick Sayer has created a FreeBSD port of unixODBC. Have a look at the FreeBSD Ports site and search for unixODBC

Solaris PKG of 2.2.14

I have created Solaris packages of 2.2.14 for Sparc Sparc 64 bit i386 and i386 64 bit
!!! WARNING (Will Robinson) - these packages expect to install in /usr/local/bin etc, and will remove any non pkgmgr contents of those directories. It will warn you, but if you say yes, they will be gone.


Everyone should take a look at the README and INSTALL files. If you still have problems then it is likely our fault so just send an email and I will see what I can do.