The DataManager could have been called 'Data Explorer'. It is a GUI application which allows the user to view and manage data sources. More specifically; it allows the user to browse data sources starting at the data source name and drilling down to the tables, columns and indexs. It also includes an SQL editor. The SQL editor is an editor which allows the user to submit SQL to the data source and view the results. 
6.JUN.99 SQL command/results window now uses a Fixed font
SpecialColumns now lists the column names

14.MAY.99 Enhancements made to support SQLStatistics (now shows Indexs with their columns), SQLPrimaryKeys, and SQLSpecialColumns.

28.APR.99 DataManager now works correctly with the Text File Driver. An error occurs when trying to browse columns because the Text File Driver does not support keys; Ignore this error and continue... you will still see the availible columns.

27.APR.99 DataManager has some problems working with the new ODBC Text File Driver but it is working better for other drivers. This, to some degree, reflects the improvements in the newest Qt 2.0 Beta.

20.MAR.99 Minor code changes made to compile on Qt 2.0 Beta.

21.FEB.99 First release is Alpha.

16.FEB.99 Testing with multiple driver types being done using the LinuxODBC MiniSQL and MySQL drivers. Here is a screen shot with two, connected, data sources.

10.FEB.99 The Qt version of DataManager is now in Beta. It contains substantial code changes from the Alpha and looks much nicer as well. Development and testing have been based upon a new MiniSQL driver and the LinuxODBC Driver Manager. The next phase of testing will involve other drivers.

05.JAN.99 The Qt version of DataManager is now in Alpha. This is basically a port of mSQL DataManager. The mSQL specific code has been replaced with ODBC calls.